Project of the ICO within the framework of membership as a National Member of the FAEO

This project aimed to integrate the OIC as a national member of the Federation of African Engineering Organizations in April 2018.



Biogas is a renewable energy produced by the anaerobic digestion of biodegradable organic materials such as: green waste, fermentable household waste, livestock effluents and agricultural co-products, agricultural energy crops, etc. It is composed of more than 60% of methane and ± 30% of impurities such as carbon dioxide and others (H2O, H2S etc.). Our work consists of designing a digester model capable of desulfurizing the biogas it produces (ie removing toxic gases such as H2O, H2S etc. in the biogas) before its use. The desulphurization device is incorporated into the digester and this is the innovation we are bringing to the prototype called “  Bakatuamba model digester ”.